Shenova Fashion

So, I can’t actually write a review of any of Shenova‘s dresses, because they are all a little outside of my budget. However, they are so uniformly gorgeous that I can’t not mention them on this blog! Plus, reviews elsewhere on the internet are overwhelmingly positive, so I’m sure that gorgeousness translates to real-life.  And how can I not love another company with a mission statement so similar to mine?

Designed by Holly Renee, an artist from a family of scientists, these dresses achieve a refined elegance, while still reflecting cool science concepts. Shenova dresses cover a wide range of topics. There are planet dresses, dress showing real data, and much more! The majority of these dresses are physics and astronomy-themed, but there’s also a healthy dose of neuroscience, medical science, and computer science. Shenova also has a cool line of LED scarves! Some of their prints are also available on leggings.

Shenova manufactures all of their products themselves, using ethical and sustainable techniques. The only concern that I have is that, due to the lack of plus-size models, I have a hard time predicting how their clothes would look on me. Still, I definitely hope to be able to be able to justify buying some of their dresses some day – maybe after I finish grad school 🙂

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